Six Wonders of Angola

Six Wonders of Angola

Angola is a Southern African country whose different terrain encompasses tropical Atlantic beaches, a labyrinthine system of rivers and a Sub-Saharan desert that extends across the border into Namibia.

KHAISA's founder Samara is an Angolan national who is proud of her heritage and always have been fascinated with the country's various landscapes. KHAISA decided to honor Angola by creating products that are linked with the country's culture, beauty, history and lovely Angolan citizens.

Diving more into the topic, below is a sample of one of the products dedicated to the motherland:

Six Wonders T-Shirt (back view)

Angola Six Wonders T-Shirt


1. Curoca Canyon (top left)

Curoca is located in Namibe's Reserve near Tombwa in Namibe province and the hills have been sculpted over time by winds and other geological factors. The rocks vary up to 25m in height.1

Curoca Canyon is a MUST-SEE location!!


2. Calandula Falls (top right)

One of the largest waterfalls in Africa, Quedas de Calandula, or Calandula Falls, measures approximately 105 meters (344 feet) high and 400 meters (1,300 feet) wide and it’s located along the Lucala River, a tributary of the Cuanza River, the country’s largest.2

The falls are located in the Malanje, which is home to Cangandala National Park and the Luando Nature Reserve.

The picture was taken by Borges Prata who is an Angolan citizen and amateur photographer who owns copyright to the picture used.

3. Nzenzo Cave (middle left)

The Nzenzo Cave also known as Tap Stone “Stay dya Nzenzo”, is a recent discovery site that was discovered by the Provincial Government of Uíge, through the Provincial Directorate of Hospitality and Tourism. Its beauty, newly visited and completely preserved.3

The cave is located in the middle of the tropical forest of the province of Uíge, in the municipality of Ambuíla, in the Mantoyo headquarters.

To visit the place it takes more than the willingness and conditions on the part of the tourists, it is necessary the permission from traditional authorities. 4

This picture was taken by a professional photographer named Frederico Santa Martha who can be contacted via Instagram: @fredericosantamartha.

4. Egipto Beach (middle right)

Egipto Praia or Egypt Beach is a place of mystical landscape that resembles Egypt. The cliffs around the beach reveal an exotic and unique beauty. The beach is located in the north of Benguela Province near Lobito.5

The picture was taken by Vitor Raposo Alonso, who can be contacted via Instagram: @vitor.raposo.alonso

5. Mount Moco (bottom left)

Mount Moco is Angola's highest peak at 2620m and is located in the mountainous province of Huambo, in central-west Angola. Mount Moco has a rich and varied avifauna, with many special species of bird occurring in the area.

Several villages are located in the area surrounding the proposed Mount Moco Special Reserve, although only one village is located right at the foot of the mountain. This is the village of Kanjonde. Most people here live a subsistence lifestyle.6

The picture was taken by Dario Miranda Rombo who is a Psychologist and takes photos in his free time. Dario can be contacted via LinkedIn: Dario (Miranda) Rombo

6. Mountain Range Leba (bottom right)

Known as Serra da Leba, the road has excellent tarmac that links Lubango with Namibe in a series of hairpin bends. It’s worth going to the top of the Leba to get breathtaking views of the valley below. At the end of the track is a viewpoint where you can see the steepest part of the road descend and disappear into the lush vegetation below. The road was built in 1970 and is widely regarded as the most spectacular and, the best constructed road in Angola.7

The picture was taken by Wilhan Jose Gomes, who is a Brasilian photographer available to be contacted via Instagram: @wilhanjosegome‌



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Well done Samara!! This will attract more people to our country and they will see the beauty we have. Already in love with these t-shirts. Can’t wait for the launch 😍


Curoca Canyon is so similar to Grand Canyon, I thought was the same place😂😂😂. Great pictures tho.


Curoca Canyon is so similar to Grand Canyon, I thought was the same place😂😂😂. Great pictures tho.


Unique T-Shirt and pictures of Angola’s landscape speaks volume. Looking forward to have it in my wardrobe.


I am obsessed with this T-Shirt!!! I will definitely add Angola on my travel wish list🤪


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