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Argolas de Cristal Mimi

Argolas de Cristal Mimi

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Add up some sparkle to your surroundings.

Light up the room with our MIMI Crystal Hoops. Crafted from Metal Alloy and decorated with Cubic Zirconia Diamonds, these earrings are made to brighten up your day.

Feisty as they seem, they set the aggressive mood on a dinner date. The candlelight and the complimenting wine will all lose their glow when you adorn the Khaisa Mimi Crystal Hoops. The cuts are so precise, yet they give a feeling of being untamed.

They go great with all your pastels and your black reds. So don’t limit yourself in anything that you do. Let your imagination run wild, just like Khaisa Mimi Crystal hoops.

 Better yet, sway away the corporate meeting with your most important client. No matter how many speakers are in the room, all present eyes will be locked on you and you only!!

MIMI crystal earrings are your paramount choice to conquer any scenario you are exposed to. They are designed in such a way that they make you elegant effortlessly.

 They are bright, light, and what you call a collector’s item. If you have an eye for classic, timeless pieces, you will have them immediately.

Notch up your day and walk in like you own the place. With Khaisa, we make sure you are the talk of the town. Always.

Keep these beauties safe, and uncage them right before a big day. They can’t be let loose. They will spread the shine everywhere.

  • Diamonds
  • Stainless Steel
  • Zirconia Crystals
  • Easy Lock
  • Size: 30mm x 27.5mm
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