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Revolve Hoops

Revolve Hoops

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The classically shaped interwoven pattern that defines your charming personality. You are encompassing the Khaisa K to add to the uniqueness quotient.

Keen Focus by the artisan to develop Intricate design with dangling elements, precision and contours that accentuate the exceptional comfort wear and feel. You are most welcome to the charm club.

The silver hue cools the temperature, refreshing the contrasts you will pair it with. A silver lining is, after all, a positive impact that we all are hopeful about.

Adorn them in broad daylight or under the starry night sky. Khaisa hoops will never disappoint. Mythical in feel and accurate in existence. Just the way our sophisticated, urban, cosmopolitan gentlemen are best described.

Wear them and pair them and channel your innermost radiant energies.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Easy Lock
  • Signature Design
  • Light Weight
  • Black Colour


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