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Frontier Earrings

Frontier Earrings

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A modern take on the classic hoop earrings. Our stainless steel curated Frontal Hoops will adorn any look and add a poised feel.

The Khaisa trademark speaks for itself with the passion for conquering the night. Or sway your day away.

Donned with several layers of necklaces or as a statement piece on its own, they will catch the eye and show up to their fullest.

With a perfected fusion of bold and classy, these can be worn everywhere you desire to showcase your inner diva and your passion for bling. The confidence that will follow is beyond belief. What a time of your life to carry the unexpected look with full-on enthusiasm, displaying layers of smartness.

They are curated in a nice slope to give it a simple yet statement look. Characterised by various sides, this piece is more of a feeling, a bond which is more heartfelt and less on the physical surface. It’s only felt.

It’s round, and it exhibits brilliance.

  • Stainless Steel
  • 18K Gold Plated
  • Easy Lock
  • Signature Design
  • Light Weight
  • Rose Gold Colour
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