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Key Earrings

Key Earrings

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Khaisa Key earrings are so put together. The simplistic and humble artist’s impression of them makes them so popular for everyday wear. But then that does not mean regular. They earn your everyday look the ultimate hype, taking plain and simple to the next level.

Your day-to-day earrings. Made from stainless steel and plated with 18k Gold. The original design is as light as feathers.

Whether you are a full-time Mom, a student or a professional passionate about your career and the choices you make, grab Khaisa Key earrings for the perfect zoom call, in person meeting or that special occasion. It will be like your best friend giving you a last-minute touch-up.

The inherent factor of Gold-plated jewellery is not new; it goes back over a hundred years of history. In recent times, gold-plating has become essential in terms of durability, is more reflective, and enhances aesthetics for a wholly upgraded look. It turns any jewellery into a solid, chunky gold piece of jewellery.

Undemanding and sophisticated, that is what the signature design stands for. So, whenever it’s a regular day, you make it extraordinary with Khaisa.

 Just hang these earrings on effortlessly to complete yourself. The sleek yet comfortable design gels in whatever your dress is and turns up just another day into something fancy. They are so light in weight that carrying them gives you a relaxed and trouble-free evening. Trust me when I say that weight of an earring is so essential for enjoyment; it keeps all the headaches at bay.


  • Stainless Steel
  • 18K Gold Plated
  • Easy Lock
  • Signature Design
  • Light Weight


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